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Kobayashi-Ryu Karate-Do

Kobayashi-Ryu is the main branch of 4 branches of Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate. Our lineage can be traced directly back to its roots of Okinawan. Because of this direct lineage, the forms (kata) we teach today are virtually identical to the kata taught in Okinawa hundreds of years ago.

By training in a orthodox environment and learning to utilize whole body motions of Kobayashi-Ryu, students develop tremendous power and speed which enables them to develop very effective self defense. All of our instructors, including Master Carr, continue to train on a regular basis so we are able to provide consistent instruction at the highest level. We welcome all ages and levels, from novice to the very experienced to come and learn from a true Martial Arts Master!!

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Kobudo literally means “ancient martial way” and is the name used to refer to the ancient weapon arts of Okinawa and Japan. Traditional Okinawan principles teaches us that the study of Kobudo is viewed as not only an art for self-defense, but also as a means of obtaining and maintaining inner peace.

Master Ken Carr is a world renown weapons practitioner and instructor. His kobudo training is highly sought after by top competitors in sport karate as well as other martial artists seeking weapons training. He has one of the only comprehensive master level kobudo programs in Southern California. Come learn from one of the nation’s best!!

Welcome to Ken Carr’s Martial Arts – Karate & Fitness

Roland C.

My Son Chris and I take Private lessons from Kyoju Ken Carr. He is a very wise man with a lifetime of knowledge in Martial Arts and Weaponry. We have had the honor of personally seeing Team Ken Carr @ Tournaments and they were amazing.

Roland C.

Omar F.

Our family trains @ Ken Carr's Martial Arts for the last several years. We started going just for fitness and ended up loving it so much that we are now all Green Belts under Sensei Carr. We have all participated in Karate Tournaments and placed respectfully overall. Thank you sir for all your great training and discipline.

Omar F.

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